Mares EOS 20RZ Rechargeable Dive Torch / 2300 lm



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The Mares EOS 20RZ Torch is a super powerful, rechargeable, adjustable focus, 2300 lumens output handheld dive light. Made from light corrosion resistant aluminium combined with the compact size makes this a perfect primary underwater light for scuba diving or snorkelling. Zoom function and adjustable power make this a truly multi-functional torch.

Adjustable Beam Angle The head can let you adjust the beam from a tight spot-light beam to a wide flood-light so you can either illuminate a whole scene evenly or focus all of your light into one small area that can pierce further through the water.

Adjustable Power The magnetic switch changes the amount of light that comes out of the torch from 100% down to 50% and an emergency strobe function. So while you have the option to use the full 2.3k lumens you can save battery life and still see what you're doing by adjusting the power setting easily.

Long Burn Time Thanks to its efficient battery and LED head the Mares EOS 20RZ can produce 2300 lumens for up to 100 minutes. Three operating modes can be selected with the smart magnetic switch, high beam / low beam / SOS strobe, simply push the switch once to activate high beam, again within 5 seconds for low beam and once more for strobe. Rechargeable Li-ion Battery included and can be charged in the torch from the USB cable can fully charge a depleted battery in just 7 hours. Manual Zoom changes the focus of the beam from a wide even 75° beam to a focused 11°. The tubular grip allows for easy use with one hand and when wearing gloves.


Mares EOS 20RZ Dive Light

  • Adjustable focus
  • Rechargeable battery
  • USB charging cable
  • LED charge indicator
  • Wide light beam
  • Magnetic switch; four options: on, low, flash, off
  • One-hand use
  • Tubular handle
  • Adjustable wrist strap


Marketing Product Type – Light

Bulb: 3 CREE XP-L LED Chip

Modes: High 2300 Lumen, Low 690 Lumen, Flash/SOS

Burn Time: High 100 min, Low 180 min, 310 min

Colour Temp (K): 5700 + 7800

Light Beam (1m distance): Hot Spot 230 mm, Corona 1550 mm

Rechargeable Batteries: 1 x ICR 26800

Time to Charge: 7h (5V1A adapter) to 14h (PC 500mA)

Total Length: 206 mm

Head Diameter: 62 mm

Body Diameter: 37 mm

Weight with Batteries: 594 g

Max Depth: 120 metres

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