Diving in Ulladulla

Diving in Ulladulla

Ulladulla is a small coastal town a few hours south of Sydney and a popular spot for weekend vacationers looking to escape the big city for a few days.


There are a few places to dive and snorkel off the coast of Ulladulla, you’ll also find a dive center on the main highway. Sites are accessed by boat or from the shore and you can find some great things to see on your dives here such as sharks, weedy sea dragons, big friendly groupers, lots of different nudibranchs, sting rays, and maybe even a seal or two!


Diving in the sites of Ulladulla also provides you with incredible visibility, and is additionally blessed with the cacophony of exotic and vibrant colors of an immense variety of species of fish and other breathtaking marine life. There are lots to do down here – swim by a seal statue into a channel, then out the other side through a vent, explore round the huge sea anchor embedded in the sea floor, or enjoy yourself around the myriad of nooks, crannies, boulders and more, while enjoying the abundant wildlife.


We were completely distracted and caught off guard from all of the different specifies of fish darting around. We also got the chance to see shaols of clown fish, blue grouppers, and even lion fishes.

The blessing of this marine ecosystem did not halt here, when we were suddenly approached by a manta ray shortly followed by a group of turtles!

All the marine life we witnessed were highlighted against the gorgeous, crystal clear, azure blue of the water around us which made the whole diving experience that much more mesmerizing.


Writing this blog to show and share with our community what a truly amazing experience it was exploring the underwater dive sites at Ulladulla has brought back some incredible memories that we got to experience.

This dive trip is undoubtedly worth placing on the checklist!

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