5 Easy Ways to be an Eco-Friendly Diver in 2022

5 Easy Ways to be an Eco-Friendly Diver in 2022

Whether you are venturing overseas or diving close to home, there are numerous simple ways you can become a more environmentally friendly diver and protect our oceans from further harm. By undertaking a few easy and manageable changes, you too can make a difference that lasts and protect the beautiful dive sites you love!


1. Make sure your dive gear is sustainable.

One of the joys of diving is buying the latest dive gear that you’ve been desperate to get your hands on. Need a new excuse to treat yourself? You’ll be supporting dive businesses with awesome eco-credentials.


At Infinity Dive, we pride ourselves on upholding and maintaining an environmentally friendly approach to not only diving but also everyday tasks. At our shop, we ensure all staff members have reusable water bottles and the absolute necessity to recycle their recyclable goods. Furthermore, we are massive supporters of dive brands that are on a mission to reduce their negative impact on the environment including removing plastic from their packaging and creating cutting edge alternatives to plastic materials.



2. Say no to plastics.

It’s easier now more than ever to say no to plastics and choose sustainable alternatives instead. If you already have a reusable water bottle and jute bags, then we are so proud of you!

To continue on your great streak, we’ve compiled a small list of eco-friendly items and equipment to invest in for your next dive trips:

  • - Stainless steel travel mug
  • - Metal/bamboo straws
  • - Metal/bamboo flasks
  • - Metal / bamboo eco-cutlery set
  • - Fourth Element’s OceanPositive Face Mask
  • - Fourth Element’s Thermocline L/S Top or One Piece
  • - Fourth Element’s OceanPositive L/S Hydroskin
  • - Fourth Element’s Rec Fins



3. Use reef-safe sunscreen.

Many chemical sunscreens contain ingredients that are thought to cause coral bleaching, which can cause the loss of entire coral reef ecosystems. There are many chemical sunscreen ingredients to avoid, including:

  • - Oxybenzone
  • - Octinoxate
  • - Octocrylene
  • - Parabens



4. Don’t litter the ocean

This is a very simple and basic tip yet sadly, tourism is one of the most significant sources of marine litter. Remember your behavior above the water also has an impact on the life below. Litter entering the ocean kills marine life, poisons seafood, and can cause serious injury without you even being aware of this.


The good news is that you can take direct action: refuse single-use plastics, reduce your overall plastic intake, recycle, and dispose of litter properly. If you’re a smoker, dispose of your cigarette butts in the ashtrays provided so there’s no risk of them being blown into the sea.


You can also collect any litter you see on the beach (or while swimming, snorkeling, or diving) and take it back to shore for proper disposal. Why not take part in an organized beach clean-up event too?



5. Join a clean-up event.

Last but not least, get out into your local community and join a clean-up event. Whether you collect litter from beaches, rivers, or streams, you’ll be helping the community to prevent plastic and other dangerous foreign goods from entering the polluting oceans.


Joining a clean-up dive is a great way to help protect the dive sites you love from harm and get to know your local divers. You’ll have fun, get a diving fix, and you can share your eco-friendly diver tips whilst you’re at it!


We work with PADI each year in organizing an Ocean Clean-Up Day with our community here at Infinity Dive. We are extremely passionate about this cause and would love for you and your friends & family to join us in the next ocean clean-ups! Please contact us if you would like to join us in this cause to make a more positive impact on our marine life and ecosystems.

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